Borussia Dortmund 2018/2019 DLS & FTS Kits and Logo

 1-   B. Dortmund DLS18 & FTS Kits (Home)
 2-   B. Dortmund DLS18 & FTS Kits (Away)
 3-  B.Dortmund DLS18 & FTS Kits (Home 2)
 4-   B. Dortmund DLS18 & FTS Kits (GK)
 5-   B. Dortmund DLS18 & FTS Kits (GK 2)
 6-   B. Dortmund DLS18 & FTS (Logo)
Borussia Dortmund Dream League Soccer fts 2019 DLS FTS Kits and Logo
(Credit By):  Brayan Ardila

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